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  Event Profile:Firehouse Expo is the largest event on the East Coast to find specific, focused training sessions and an exhibit floor filled with resources. Firehouse Expo brings together experts from across the country to address today's realities facing the fire and emergency services.

  Highlights:Highlights of exhibition include Extensive hands-on training, Chief's Leadership Programs, classroom sessions, Largest exhibit floor on the East Coast featuring the latest innovations in the industry.

  Visitor's Profile:Fire, Rescue, EMS professionals, manufacturers, importers & exporters of Led & strobe warning lights & lightbars, Optical Traffic Preemption emitters and detectors are the target audience.

  Exhibitor's Profile:Exhibitors include Manufacturers of Led & strobe warning lights & lightbars, Manufacturer of Optical Traffic Preemption emitters and detectors, custom cabs, chassis, bodies, tanks & aerial devices & other related products.

Form 2007-07-24 to 2007-07-29
адрес:Baltimore, Maryland, United States Of America

  UFI Approved Events

  A+A in Düsseldorf: Following on from a record number of exhibitors, 54,350 trade visitors ensure additional top value

  The A+A 2005 began with a record number of exhibitors (1,370) and, after four days of the exhibition (24.10. - 27.10.), has followed up on the top visitor figures of the year 2003. 54,350 trade visitors (in 2003: 53,600) came to Düsseldorf to obtain information on the latest trends in the fields of company health and safety management. A+A has thus confirmed its position as the leading international exhibition and congress event for safety and health at work in an impressive manner. "German manufacturers are increasingly expanding their activities abroad. Consequently, they welcome the fact that, today, more than one in five A+A visitors are from abroad, as well as the fact that the decision-making power of the visitors is very high”, reports Wilhelm Niedergöker, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf, based on his numerous discussions with A+A exhibitors. Above all, there was a noticeable growth in the number of international visitors from the USA as well as from Asia..

  Gerd Zeisler, Chairman of the A+A Advisory Board and Director of the Business Area Sales Germany of Dräger Safety GmbH & Co. KGaA, attributes the success of the A+A both to the increased overall interest in safety, as well as to the special programme offered by the event. "The recognition that investments in the field of safety are worthwhile, is asserting itself to an increasing extent. Here in Düsseldorf, experts from all over the world and from the most widely differing areas of specialisation, come together in order to take advantage of the joint platform of exhibition and congress, and to achieve an effective combination of theory and practice.”

  The A+A Congress was attended by 5,000 participants. Under this year's headline theme, "Future with prevention”, it dealt in particular with the subject of the qualitative and economic benefit of preventative trade. "The costs to society of medically-related early retirement amount to more than 40 billion Euro. This figure alone shows: the potential of prevention is considerable and must be exploited to a far greater extent, in particular against the background of the ageing society”, outlines Bruno Zwingmann, Managing Director of the Federal Working Association for Safety and Health at Work BASI e. V., with a dramatic example of the importance of prevention.

  The fact that many companies have recognised the signs of the times and are investing in more effective safety, as well as in improved working conditions for their employees, is demonstrated by the market study of the Interest Association Personal Safety Equipment e. V. IVPS (manufacturer's association), published within the framework of the A+A 2005. According to this, the overall market volume in Germany, the largest European market, is constant at around 1.3 billion Euro per annum - despite an, in part, massive reduction in the number of jobs in safety-intensive sectors of the economy, such as mining or in manufacturing industry. According to the report, more money is being spent on employee safety for the remaining employees as well as in other economic sectors.

  Within the scope of the A+A trade exhibition, the exhibitors presented the entire spectrum of products and services for personal safety and the achievement of disturbance-free operational processes - from the simple earplug through to complex safety systems, from industrial medical care through to the ergonomic design of the place of work.

  The product highlights at the A+A 2005 included for example a safety shoe with built-in heating storage battery for pleasantly warm feet in winter, a series of safety shoes in motor- sport optic, for example for use in car workshops, or even a multi-functional gas-measuring device. The product can even survive being dropped from a height of 1.50 metres undamaged, as well as complete immersion in water - all in all, a robust companion for operations personnel. A product that ensures increased operational safety is a new-style, intelligent key management system. The key cabinet can only be opened with the correct PIN code or fingerprint, and features a digital hanging-position code as special highlight. If a key is put back in the wrong place, the system sounds an alarm and allocates the correct position. In this way, key chaos, as well as unauthorised access, are effectively avoided.

  The next A+A will be held in Düsseldorf from 18th - 21st September 2007.

Form 2007-09-18 to 2007-09-21
адрес:Internet Services / New Media, c/o Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Postbox 10 10 06 Düsseldorf, Germany [DE]

  1. Latest urban surveillance & alarm technology and product

  2. Construction of safety city“system integration and solution”,“Management platform and software”; Urban alarm network, Regional alarm network, Mobile alarm network and system construction and operating services

  3. Safety Olympics & emergency system security solution and related technical product

  4. Water, electricity, gas and heat industry’s security solution and technology

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  6. Anti-explosion safety measures equipment, safety alarm equipment, anti robbery lock, door, cabinet and anti-bullet currency transport vehicle as well as mankind safety & protection equipment

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  8. Security information transmission system and equipment

  9. Police communication and information technology application equipment

  10. Anti-counterfeit technology product and other social security product

Form 2007-09-06 to 2007-09-08
адрес:Beijing International Exhibition Center, China
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