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Все выставки товаров

  1, paintings, prints and other kinds of decorative painting and frames, etc..

  2, metal, wood, stone, Tengyi, bamboo, software, glass and other kinds of commercial, civilian and office furniture.

Form 2007-10-13 to 2007-10-16
адрес:Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center

  Gifts, handicrafts, gifts, and metal furnishing, crystal glass products, glass products, ceramics, advertising gifts of household goods, textile, bedding, kitchen supplies, small household appliances such as stationery, office supplies, stationery, fine paper products, product packaging watches jewelry, fashion accessories, mobile phone accessories, and put the tourist-hanging jewelry supplies, outdoor items, Tourist climbers supplies, appliances. Leather goods, bags of beauty and health products, health care products, health equipment, apparatus and other beauty collections, Youbi, antiques, badges, Olympic souvenirs and other gifts Precinct home accessories, and arts and crafts souvenirs, art classical furniture, decorative painting, calligraphy and painting. flowers, artificial plants, toys and other art lighting

Form 2007-10-24 to 2007-10-27
адрес:Shenzhen Exhibition Center

  Souvenirs, arts, gifts; Antiques, pictures and cultural relics replicas; Jewelry; the arts institutions and national arts and crafts display.

Form 2007-09-27 to 2007-09-29
адрес:Zhengzhou, central China International Exposition Center

  ▲gifts, souvenirs : fine gifts, Christmas decorations, glass products, silver products, tin products, ceramic products, glass products, Crystal products, lacquer ware gifts, metal jewelry, ceramics, bamboo, wood resin, bionic, jade carvings, handicrafts.

  ▲gifts, and gifts : advertising promotional material, promotional gifts, business gifts, fine lighters, stickers, gifts pens, emblem.

  ▲electronics, toys : household electronic products, electronic calendar, MP3, USB adult educational toys, plush toys, Plastic toys, electronic toys.

  ▲household items : household textiles gifts, home decoration gifts, watches, towels and toiletries, kitchen supplies, tourism and sports goods, leisure goods, bags handbags, leather products, maternal and infant supplies.

  ▲Memorial collections : stamps, coins, magnetic cards, and signs.

  ▲stationery : beautiful calendars, table calendar, upscale notebook, and high-end gift pens, school supplies, office supplies and so on.

  ▲fashion accessories : silver jewelry, k gold jewelry, platinum and gold jewelry, pearl jewelry, amber jewelry, jade ornaments are on.

Form 2007-11-07 to 2007-11-09
адрес:Shanghai WTO Mall

  1, culture and tourism souvenirs galleries : bronze, metal crafts, ceramic crafts, and Craft and carved sculptures process, Silk crafts, embroidery process, resin, furniture textile categories, folk art, wooden handicrafts, rattan iron products, Antique and crafts, and other souvenirs;

  2, cultural, commercial galleries souvenirs : four treasure of the study categories of Chinese painting category, Whereas the collection, metal, crystal category, ceramic, porcelain, glass type, leather goods category, type of glass, like gold and silver, jewelry category, Jade Jade category, the military category, tea culture categories, such as wine culture category

  3, cultural Chief Memorial gifts galleries : history, culture, local cultures, cultural wedding souvenirs;

  4, raw materials and processing equipment galleries : process raw materials, handicrafts produced hardware tools, process gifts and other processing equipment

Form 2007-11-23 to 2007-11-26
адрес:Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center

  ◆Group print panoramic painting frescoes painted portrait paintings and meticulous historical landscape painting still-life paintings war feelings comic figure painting landscapes literati painting oil painting wood inlay depicts Watercolor Painting Lacquer pen and pencil sketch drawing crayon Gouache paintings tempera painting glass painting Iron Metal painting Calligraphy collage paintings;

Form 2007-11-01 to 2007-11-03
адрес:Shenzhen Exhibition Center

  Nursing infant toys and daily necessities kid bicycle infant wear, children's wear, cosmetics, shoes, and hats, supplies washing children's health supplies children's furniture bedding and children sports video-game music publications children student learning and teaching aids equipment

Form 2007-10-26 to 2007-10-28
адрес:Dalian City in Liaoning Province Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center

  •calendars categories : table calendar, calendars, calendar, calendars, calendar, greeting card, pictures, tag, Lee matter, is a teacher;

  •Stationery category : Business Week, students notebooks, notebook, office permission kits, Hot-pressure, stickers and other stationery;

  •Gift categories : gifts, gifts, souvenirs, etc.;

  •Other categories : invitations, envelopes couplet, certificates, badges, Cards, Signs and other APRIL;

Form 2007-07-18 to 2007-07-20
адрес:Wenzhou City's Golden Dragon of the township Road-China and Taiwan business calendars City

  Products Profile:

  Toys: Baby Toys, Construction Toys, Educational Toys & Games, Festival & Party Accessories, Inflatable Toys, Kites, Plush Toys, Radio-Control Toys, Toys, Blow Up Toys, Die-Cast Toys, Electronic Toys & Games, Friction Toyst, Jigsaw Puzzles, Metal Toys, Pre-School Toys, Soft Toys & Dolls and Wind-up Toys

  Gifts: Ceramic Gifts, Corporate Gifts, General Gift Items, Ladies' Gifts, Party & X'mas Decorations, Silverware, Toys & Sporting Goods, Watches & Clocks, Electronics Gifts, Fashion Jewellery & Accessories, Premium Souvenirs, Paper & Packaging, Pictures & Photo Frames, Stationery and Travel Goods & Umbrellas

  Homewares: Artificial Flowers, Cleaning & Supplies, Gardening & Outdoor Accessories, Hardware & DIY Products, Home Decorations, Lighting & Lamps, Small Electrical Appliances, General Houseware Items, Bathroom Accessories, Furniture, Handicrafts, Health & Personal Care Items, Kitchenware and Gadgets, Pet Supplies and Tableware & Bar Accessories.

Form 2007-10-18 to 2007-10-20
адрес:The Venetian Macao Convention & Exhibition Center

  Major Exhibit Categories:

  Baby Toys & Products

  Battery-operated & Electronic Toys

  Candy Toys

  Die Cast / Mechanical Toys & Action Figures

  Educational Toys & Games

  Hobby Goods

  Magic Items

  Multiple Products/General Merchandise

  Outdoor & Sporting Items

  Paper Toys

  Party Items, Toy Parts & Accessories

  Story Books

Form 2007-01-07 to 2007-01-10
адрес:Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Wanchai,
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