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  Expo Solar is one of the worlds largest solar energy exhibition in Korea. EXPO Solar/PV KOREA 2011 will feature a new section of Green Business and provide a showcase for more than 1,000 companies demonstrating cutting-edge products and services that are shaping the solar industry today.


  The Conference will be held concurrently with this exhibition.


  Manufacturer/OEM, Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor, Installer, Representatives, Agent, System Integrators, Turnkey Solution Provider, Engineering, CEO/President, Purchasing Manager, Marketing Manager and Engineer are the target visitors.

Form 2011-02-16 to 2011-02-18
адрес:Kintex - Korea International Exhibition Center, Goyang, Korea

  Approved by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China [Ref. No.:(2010)0331], SNEC 5th (2011) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition [SNEC (2011) PV POWER EXPO] will be held in February in Shanghai, China. It is hosted by Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations (SFEO), Shanghai Science & Technology Development and Exchange Center (SSTDEC) and Shanghai New Energy Industry Association (SNIEA), and jointly organized by 15 international associations and organizations including European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) and Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES), etc.

  After a remarkably successful inception in 2007 with an exhibition space of 15,000 square meters, and then quadrupling its size just two years later, SNEC (2010) PV POWER EXPO broke the record of PV exhibitions previously held in Asia with a space of 85,000 sq. meters and 1,408 exhibitors from 66 countries and regions worldwide. 38% of the exhibitors came from outside China. SNEC (2011) PV POWER EXPO expects a new record high of over 1,600 exhibitors and 150,000 sq. meters space.

  SNEC PV POWER EXPO has grown into the most influential international PV show not only in China, but also in Asia or even the world.

  I. Overview of SNEC (2011) PV POWER EXPO

  Up to date, SNEC (2011) PV POWER EXPO has got over 1,300 exhibitors including world famous brand companies in the PV industry from over 60 countries and regions, such as Germany, America, Japan, France, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, etc. The total exhibition space has reached 120,000 sq. meters and is expected to reach 150,000 sq. meters. 4,000 experts and scholars, 100,000 professionals, including buyers, suppliers, integrators, etc., will gather in Shanghai for this grand occasion.

  II. A Gathering of Worldwide PV Industry Leaders

  SNEC (2011) PV POWER EXPO has invited Mr. Yiren Jiang, Member of the Standing Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Chairman of the Presidium of China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE), Mr. Dinghuan Shi, Counselor of the State Council of the People's Republic of China and Chief Director of Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES), and Dr. Murray Cameron, Board Director of European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA), to act as Chairmen of the Presidium.The Chairmen of Academic Committee will be Prof. Martin Green, Executive Research Director of the ARC Photovoltaics Centre of Excellence at the University of New South Wales, Mr. Shangzhou Jiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Member of Shanghai Strategic Decision and Consulting Committee, and Mr. Yuwen Zhao, Deputy Director of Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES). Mr. Yiren Jiang, Mr. Dinghuan Shi, Mr. Baojun Ai, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government, and heads of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Municipal Economic and Infomatization Commission and Shanghai Municipal Economic & Reform Commission will also attend the event and give important addresses.

  SNEC (2011) PV POWER EXPO will also invite heads of EPIA, SEIA, JPEA, etc. to join the presidium, attend the opening ceremony and deliver important speeches.

  III. Overview of SNEC (2011) PV POWER CONFERENCE

  Eternal Theme:“Develop New Energy, Benefit All Mankind”KEY TOPIC: How to make the photovoltaic industry obtain a rapid, steady and sustainable growth and contribute more to the mankind through enhancing international exchanges and cooperation, accelerating the technology upgrade, guaranteeing the high quality of products, and expanding the application market. It consists of NINE sessions:

  Plenary sessions

  I. Keynote Speeches

  II. PV Experts & CTO Panel

  III. CEO Investment & Development Panel Sub-sessions

  I. Advanced Photovoltaic Technologies

  II. Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells & Materials

  III. Thin-film Cells

  IV. Equipment and Manufacturing Automation

  V. PV System and Smart Grid Technologies Brand new session: Solar Thermal Power Generation Systems Forum

  IV. A Series of Exciting Events in Conjunction with SNEC (2011) PV POWER EXPO

  “SNEC(2011) PV POWER EXPO”Welcome Reception

  “PV Night”Welcome Banquet

  Huangpu River Cruise & Banquet Sponsored by Suntech

  Site visit to the PV demonstration base & manufacturing factories; Investment environment inspection and Sightseeing around the Yangtze Delta region

  One-on-One Meeting for Projects Cooperation and Technology Exchange, etc.

  We are looking forward that the global PV industry leaders will gather at SNEC (2011) PV POWER EXPO to look into the PV market of China, Asia and the world, and take the lead on industrial innovation from the industry perspective and through a problem solving approach. See you in Shanghai on February 22-24, 2011!

Form 2011-02-22 to 2011-02-24
адрес:No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China

  Innovative technologies and practices, strong international participation, a lot of new business contacts, many parallel initiatives and discussions–this is what the 7th edition of the International Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency /EE/ and Renewable Energy Sources / RES / for South-Eastern Europe will offer. The event is with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Water, Serbian Energy Efficiency Agency, Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Agency and the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP).

  Тhe Exhibition

  The exhibitors will display their state-of the-art products and solutions in the renewable energy sector and energy efficiency. Months prior to its opening 1/3 of the exhibition area is already booked for group participations from Austria, China, Czech Republic, Spain, Slovenia, Finland, and the USA.

  Upon request up to 5 Matchmaking Meetings for each exhibitor will be offered as a value-added opportunity at no additional cost. The meetings will be arranged by the Organizer Via Expo in special, pre-scheduled 30-minutes one-on-one appointments.

  The Congress

  Speakers, institutions and associations will present the latest achievements and novelties in the field of the renewable energy and energy efficiency: technologies for solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and bio energy, waste-to-energy, energy efficiency in home, industry, transport, etc., passive houses, project financing and investment, smart grid technologies and strategies.

  Participants will learn about the latest trends, get acquainted with expert analysis and forecasts, make face-to-face contacts with representatives of institutions and public administration, managers, investors and industry professionals.

Form 2011-04-13 to 2011-04-15
адрес:Inter Expo Center, Sofia,Bulgaria

  Event Profile:Pakistan Oil, Gas & Energy Exhibition & Conference(POGEE 2008) caters to the increasing demand for products and services in the Oil & Gas sector of Pakistan with an opportunity for the leading players to exhibit and introduce the latest in technology to the growing Energy Industry of Pakistan. Pakistan Oil, Gas & Energy Exhibition is the only event of its kind that focuses on the ongoing developments in this part of the world, bringing together the leading industry professionals.

  Highlights:Co-locating the annual display of latest technologies, POGEE Conference is today recognised as an ideal avenue for the global players to converge and share vital information with highly knowledgeable participants from across the globe. Addressing the global energy requirements, the POGEE 2006 Conference programme will be of special relevance to the Asian region.

  Visitor's Profile:Local & Foreign Ministries, Government Energy & Regulatory Departments, Leading Station Network & Distribution Companies, Oil & Gas Producers & Refineries, Engineering, Drilling & Consulting Companies, Manufacturers & Suppliers Of The Industrial Hardware & Allied Equipment, Petrochemical & Metallurgy Industries, Fuel Suppliers, Research & Development Organisations.

  Exhibitor's Profile:Profile for exhibit include Abrasives, Air Tools, Bateries, Boilers, Chemicals, Compressors & Gas Turbines, Drilling Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Fire Alarm Systems, Filters, Gas Detectors, Heat Exchangers, Inspection Services, Laboratory Equipment, Leak Detection, Wire Control Systems, Welding Equipment, Ventilstion Equipment, Tubing Services, Seismic Surveys, Refinery Equipment, Pipelines, Offshore Construction Equipment, Petrochemical Products etc.

Form 2008-05-21 to 2008-05-24
адрес:Karachi , Sindh, Pakistan

  1, security and fire protection equipment category

  2, coal mining machinery and equipment category

  3, Beneficiation and powder processing equipment category

  4, coal processing technology and equipment category

  5, the construction and upgrading of transportation equipment category

  6, electrical and mechanical equipment and mining equipment category investigation

  7, Mining high and low voltage electrical equipment category 7, other common types of mechanical equipment

Form 2007-08-28 to 2007-08-30
адрес:Inner Mongolia Baotou China industrial equipment market

  Exhibit Profile

  * Air Dispersion

  * Odour Control Systems

  * Air Pollution Monitoring Equipment

  * Odour Studies

  * Air Quality Management

  * Pest Control

  * Biological Treatment

  * Pollution Control

  * Biotechnology Application Pumps, Valves and Fittings Chemicals/Materials

  * Regional Government

  * Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Works Contractors Resource Recovery & Recycling

  * Cleaning Equipment, Services, Materials & Technology Collection

  * Sludge Treatment

  * Consultation & Engineering Services

  * Soil Treatment Solid & Hazardous Waste

  * Electrical Safety Products & Equipment

  * Transportation & Waste

  * Electrical Saving Devices, Electronics Ballasts, Motor Controllers & Capacitor Banks

  * Transportation and Distribution Services

  * Electricity Suppliers & Power Generators

  * Treatment/Disposal Equipment

  * Energy Consultation

  * Waste Transportation Equipment & Supplies

  * Energy Saving Equipment

  * Waste-to-Energy

  * Environmental Agencies

  * Water Conservation

  * Environmental IT Systems

  * Water Distribution

  * Environmental Protection

  * Water Recycling/Desalination

  * Filtration Equipment

  * Water,Waste & Sewage Treatment

  * Food and Drinks Processing

  * Waterworks/Water Board

  * Incinerators

  * Water Supply & Treatment

  * Landfill Management

  Visitor Profile

  * Biotechnology Professionals/Pharmaceutical and Health Care Specialists

  * Building & Construction Authorities

  * Chemical and Petrochemical Processing Professionals

  * Electrical/Electronics Manufacturers

  * Estates & Facilities Managers

  * Food & Beverage Manufacturers and Processors

  * Government Ministries, Municipalities, Environmental Authorities,

  * Management Consultants

  * Health & Safety Authorities & Enforcement Agencies

  * Industrial Contractors

  * Pulp & Paper Manufacturers

  * Rubber & Plastics Products Manufacturers

  * Transportation, Storage and Handling Professionals

  * Waste & Management Control Authorities * Waste & Water Management and Recycling Professionals * Waste Processing Industry Professionals

Form 2007-11-27 to 2007-11-30
адрес:Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre

  The 8th China International Lubricating Oil, Grease Venue: Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center Show Time: 2007-9-19~2007-9-21

  China International Lubricating Oil, Grease and Refining Technology Exhibition has been successfully held for 7 years from 2000. Under the support of correlate associations, medias, exhibitors and visitors, we experienced the changes of lubricant market together and finally grown to an irreplaceable show in China. We will present its highlight on and on.

  Last Show Report: Booth Area: 2103sqm Total Area: 6000 sqm Booth Number; 210 Visitors:5300

  Exhibition Profile -Industrial Lubricants (Include: internal-combustion engine oils, gear wheel oils, hydraulic pressure oils, metal working fluids, food grade oils etc.) -Automotive Lubricants and Automotive Chemical Maintenance Material -Additive of Lubricating Oil & Grease and Fuel -Multifarious Type of Base Oil of Lubricating Oil & Grease -Multifarious of New/Especial and Environment-Protecting Lubricants -Packaging, Filling, Mixing and Accessing Equipment for Lubricants -Media, Magazine, Website related to Lubricating Products -Excellent Lubricate Technique, Assess Measure and Quality Control Art


   Sustained Growth Rate of the Demand of Lubricants It is reported that growth rate for the demand of global lubricants will be 2% before year 2008. The consumption of lubricants in China reached 6.806 million in year 2006, increased 1.9% compare with the figure of last year. Some analyst said that the annual growth rate of Chinese high-end lubricants market will reach to 5%, the increment is expected to gain 30% in 3-5 years

   The Region We Chose Guangdong, one of China’s most prosperous provinces, create 25,968.55 billion RMB GDP in year 2006, almost account for one-eighth of China’s total GDP amount. Located in Pearl River Delta economic circle, Guangdong has the geographical advantages to set a closer cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao. Enjoy China’s Opening Policy prior than other provinces, has a mature market in manufacture and marketing. Boast of its abundant industry structure. It has become an irreplaceable industrial base in China.

    Dongguan --- a City Who Boasts of Its Developed Manufacturing The manufacturing in China has entered into a rush age, all kinds of machinery and equipment is in hare demand. In recent years, Dongguan has become a new industrial city, has become an important component part of the economic circle in Guangdong, Hong Kong as well as Macao. It has become a strategic city for domestic and foreign enterprises who want to station in South China. To hold InterLubric in Dongguan is an opportunity which should not to be missed.

   Tremendous Automotive Market After CEPA, more opportunities from Hong Kong pour into Guangdong. Dongguan is a hot auto market who has been attracted many investment from Hong Kong. Statistic evidence shows that Dongguan has four large-scale Automotive Center, millions private-owned vehicles, quantum of vehicle ranking at first in China. Dongguan is an undeveloped gold mining for auto accessories as well as automotive oils, success is waiting those who seize the opportunity.

  Co-located with“2007’Aisa-Pacific Diecasting Industry Exhibition”Co-located with“2007’Aisa-Pacific Diecasting Industry Exhibition”which had been held for 6 years, attracted 500 exhibitors from 19 countries including China. Visitors of this show are mainly from automobile manufacturers, that is exactly the specialty visitors of InterLubric. Undoubtedly, it will be an excellent opportunity to open the lubricant market of South China.

   China International Lubricants Forum Topic A:Market, Technique, Orientation --- Explore the advantage to keep a competitive market 2006 China International Lubricants Forum gave all speakers and audiences a strong impression. What will happen in the market in year 2007? Let’s expect together.

  Topic B: Sustainable Development of Automotive Maintenance Symposium

  Topic C: Metal Cutting and Die Processing Lubricate Technology Symposium

  Topic D: Metallurgical Equipment and Lubrication Technology Symposium

Form 2007-09-19 to 2007-09-21
адрес:Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center
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